Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS), enable you to be in control of your website content. We are experts in this field, and can offer you a wide range of options and opportunities to suit your business needs

It is rare these days to find an organisation that doesn't need to manage some form of digital content. At G8 Marketing we acknowledge the distinction between format and content, between technical website development and business acumen. Good content management systems acknowledge the need for teamwork, the need to put the right tools in the hands of the right people.

It's a common problem that affects a lot of organisations. Urgent information that needs to be uploaded to your website is waiting in an email inbox because the only person who knows how to upload it is away on holiday. Responsibility for publishing information on the web can be given those who need it most. Human Resources can post Job vacancies, press releases can be handled by Corporate Communications, and business material can be published immediately by the managers responsible. Your website can become alive, really sparkling, vibrant and current, making your staff feel proud of the organisation they belong to, engaging potential customers and winning respect from peers and competitors

There are numerous content management solutions available and it's tough to differentiate among them, weighing up their advantage, disadvantages and cost to the client.

G8 Marketing offer affordable and effective content management solutions to numerous companies in the UK and abroad. We have a core strength in CMS systems like Joomla, Mambo and other opensource CMS systems. Our developers have vast experience in Joomla based CMS integration, always keeping in mind good SEO practice.

Contact us today to find out how a content management system (CMS) can help your business today.